Sestertius Of The Roman Emperor Severus Alexander - FJ.4765 - For Sale

Sestertius Of The Roman Emperor Severus Alexander - FJ.4765
Price: $2280.00
Origin: Jordan (Geresa)
Circa: 222 AD to 235 AD
Collection: Coin Jewelry
Style: Roman
Medium: Bronze, Gold
Across the centuries, across barriers of time and culture, this Roman coin still makes a strong impression on the senses. We feel its impressive weight, its aura of power. We admire the rich patina given it by the passage of time and read its bold inscriptions full of titles and promises. What did the people who held it at the height of the Roman Empire think? What sensations did such coinage stir in them? Surely we share some of our feelings with those vanished individuals. For a brief moment, our worlds intersect, joined together by this powerful token which we share in common. - (FJ.4765)

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