Gold Pendant with Bronze Coin of Empress Julia Mamaea - FJ.6582 - For Sale

Gold Pendant with Bronze Coin of Empress Julia Mamaea - FJ.6582
Price: $2700.00
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 222 AD to 235 AD
Collection: Coin Jewelry
Style: Roman
Medium: Bronze and Gold
Additional Information: This Genuine Ancient Coin Has Been Set in a Modern 18 karat Gold
Niece of the Empress Julia Domna and aunt to Emperor Elagabalus, Julia Mamaea was part of an illustrious Syrian family with imperial connections. In 208 A.D. she gave birth to Severus Alexander, who was to become emperor 14 years later, at which time Julia became Augusta. She exercised strict control over the young ruler, and selected a wife for him. Possessing the keen intelligence of the rest of the female members of her family, Julia effectively ran the empire until the army staged a coup in 235 A.D. Beauty was also a notable characteristic of this great Syrian dynasty, which is evident on the obverse of this fine coin. The reverse shows the deity Felicity (Happiness and Prosperity) holding a caduceus and leaning on a column. - (FJ.6582)

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