Gold Pendant with Silver Denarius of Emperor Philip I - FJ.7003 - For Sale

Gold Pendant with Silver Denarius of Emperor Philip I - FJ.7003
Price: $900.00
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 244 AD to 249 AD
Collection: Jewelry
Style: Roman Coin Pendant
Medium: Silver and Gold
The reign of Marcus Julius Philippus, Philip I, (nicknamed "the Arab" after the origin of his family) is clouded in history by the way it began. As Praetorian Prefect to Gordian III, Philip may have been instrumental in the murder of the young Emperor. Already in practical control of the Empire, Philip was the obvious choice to succeed. What little history of the period that survives indicates he was a good ruler who faced many challenges successfully. Like Septimius Severus nearly 50 years earlier, Philip was a family man with certain desires to establish a dynasty. Soon after his own elevation he named his wife (Otacilia Severa) Augusta and his son (Philip II) Caesar. After a very few years, again following the model of Septimius, Phillip II was made Augustus and placed even with his father to insure his eventual succession.
The inherent splendor of the precious metals is allowed to shine in this pendant. The natural hues of the silver and the gold complement each other. In this pendant, the present and the past combine. The classic reserved form of the modern gold setting frames the timeless beauty and majesty of the ancient coin. To wear this pendant is to reconnect with the past while simultaneously exhibiting style and elegance that is both contemporary and timeless. - (FJ.7003)

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