Gold Pendant with Bronze Coin of Emperor Licinius I - FJ.7035 - For Sale

Gold Pendant with Bronze Coin of Emperor Licinius I - FJ.7035
Price: $800.00
Origin: Mediterranean
Circa: 308 AD to 324 AD
Collection: Jewelry
Style: Roman Coin Pendant
Medium: Bronze and Gold
Born of Illyrian peasant stock, Licinius advanced in the army and was suddenly elevated to the rank of Augustus by his friend, Emperor Galerius. Galerius hoped to have him rule the West, but since Italy, Africa, and Spain were held by the usurper Maxentius, while Constantine reigned in Gaul and Britain, Licinius had to content himself with ruling Pannonia. When Galerius died in 311, Licinius took over Galerius' European dominions. In 313, he married Constantine's half sister Constantia and defeated the Eastern emperor Maximinus who shortly thereafter died. Licinius thus added the entire eastern half of the empire to his dominion. During the campaign against Maximinus, Licinius had made his army use a monotheistic form of prayer closely resembling that later imposed by Constantine. On June 5, 313, he had issued an edict granting tolerance to the Christians and restoring church property. This stunning pendant evokes the glory and beauty of the early Christian era and its flowering. The rich umber hue of the tarnished bronze is striking when contrasted to the luminous gold mounting. The course of Europe and the world would forever change due to the efforts of Licinius and Constantine the Great. There is an eternal splendor to this pendant, a beauty that radiates from within the coin and envelopes the gold setting. To wear this coin is to evoke the spirit of change. For although time changes and the world evolves, true beauty and eternal elegance as defined by this pendant is immune to the fancies and whims of individual tastes. - (FJ.7035)

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