Bronze Centenionalis of Emperor Constantius II - C.4318 - For Sale

Bronze Centenionalis of Emperor Constantius II - C.4318
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Bronze Centenionalis of Emperor Constantius II - C.4318 Origin: Mediterranean Circa: 348 AD to 361 AD Collection: Numismatics Style: Roman Medium: Bronze Flavius Julius Constantius was born on August 7, 317 to Fausta and Constantine the Great. He became Caesar on November 8, 324 and Augustus on September 9, 337 after his father's death. He received the eastern provinces in the division of the Empire with his brothers Constans and Constantine II. He spent much of his reign warring with the Sassanian Empire under Sapor II, but suppressed Magnentius, the murderer of Constans, to become the sole Augustus in August of 353. He died of illness on November 3, 361 near Tarsus while marching to suppress Julian II, who had declared himself Augustus in early 360. Like his father before him, Constantius II played a prominent role in the early history of the Christian Church. He was a tolerant and just ruler, although he stifled any possible competitors to his power.

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