Seven Bronze Coins, four of Emperor Constantine I - FJ.6336 - For Sale

Seven Bronze Coins, four of Emperor Constantine I - FJ.6336
Price: $3600.00
Origin: Holy Land
Circa: 307 AD to 340 BC
Collection: Roman Bronze Coin Bracelet
Medium: Bronze-Gold
Constantine I (the Great) was one of the most impressive rulers of the ancient world. He transformed the empire, returned it to its former glory, and left a legacy that is still felt today. After decades of war Constantine spent the last dozen years in relative peace visiting Rome and the provinces, after having made Constantinople (formerly Byzantium) the capital. Constantine II was the second son of the great emperor. He became senior Augustus after his father's death, continuing to rule Gaul, Britain and Spain. However, he quarreled with his younger brother Constans, invaded Italy and was killed in Aquilia in A.D.340. This beautiful bracelet represents both these rulers in a charming series of images showing the young man and the elder statesman each looking in the same direction. There is an uncanny sense of a mirror-image effect, as if the father can see himself in the son, and vice-versa. On the reverse of each are two soldiers standing either side of one or two military standards. This bracelet is not only a lovely piece of jewelry, it is also a testimony to a family whose presence will be felt for centuries to come. - (FJ.6336)

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