Silver Denarius Of Roman Emperor Hadrian - FJ.4494 - For Sale

Silver Denarius Of Roman Emperor Hadrian - FJ.4494
Price: $1200.00
Origin: Israel (Sebastia, Samaria)
Circa: 117 AD to 138 BC
Collection: Roman Coin Money Clip
Medium: Silver-Gold
There is an energy, an excitement, that radiates from an ancient coin as from no other object. As we hold such a token in our hands today, our fingers rest exactly where those of others did centuries ago. Our imagination takes flight as we envision those who might have held this coin when the classical world was at its height. Were they aristocrat or commoner? Soldier, merchant, sailor, artist or actor? What did this coin purchase? Rare goods from the exotic corners of the world or the simple necessities of everyday life? That is the beauty of such an artifact: it invites us to endlessly explore the pathways of the past. - (FJ.4494)

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