Bronze Coin Of Roman Emperor Valerian - FJ.4498 - For Sale

Bronze Coin Of Roman Emperor Valerian - FJ.4498
Price: $1350.00
Origin: Syria (Emessa)
Circa: 253 AD to 260 BC
Collection: Roman
Medium: Bronze-Gold
There is something magical about an ancient coin. Like a ticket on a time machine, it puts us in touch with another age, with other lives. As we place our fingers on this Roman bronze, bearing the proud portrait of a soldier emperor, we cannot help but wonder who held it when it was new. What did that person do for a living? What did they think about and dream? Where did the coin travel in the course of its useful life? We can invent a thousand stories for its past, and who knows? They may all be true. This elegant money clip serves more than a practical purpose. It allows us to dream. - (FJ.4498)

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