Garnet And Jasper Bead Necklace - FJ.4053 - For Sale

Garnet And Jasper Bead Necklace - FJ.4053
Price: $180.00
One of the most prized gems of Antiquity, the dark reddish-purple garnet was often set into gold jewelry during the Hellenistic age in Greece and throughout the Roman Imperial era. It was also favored in the jewelry of the European Dark Ages and Medieval times: the famous Sutton Hoo treasure found in England contains over 4000 cut and faceted garnets. Garnet denotes an entire family of silicate minerals found in numerous varieties and colors ranging tram pink, to red, purple, brown to almost black. The most preferred hues are red (for which the garnet was often confused in Antiquity with the ruby) and purple. As with many gems, the finest varieties come from India bath in the Ancient world and the Modern. According to a Talmudic legend, the only source of light on Noah's Ark was a single large garnet. The therapeutic value of the stone is that it keeps the wearer free tram wounds and promotes good health in general. It is particularly useful for preventing skin disorders and giving a glowing complexion. Medium: Garnet-Jasper

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