Roman Provincial Silver Tetradrachm of Emperor Domitian - C.4254 - For Sale

Roman Provincial Silver Tetradrachm of Emperor Domitian - C.4254
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Roman Provincial Silver Tetradrachm of Emperor Domitian - C.4254 Origin: Eastern Mediterranean Collection: Numismatics Style: Roman Provincial Medium: Silver Domitian was the younger son of the emperor Vespasian. Although his older brother Titus occupied the throne from A.D. 79 to 81, while Domitian was growing up, he was not given any real political power. Because of this, Domitian always felt a certain amount of resentment towards his elder brother, spurring the rumors that Domitian poisoned Titus, although these are generally believed to be false. Like Tiberius and Caligula before him, Domitian sought to be absolute ruler. He scandalized the Senate and the rest of the Roman aristocracy by having statues of himself erected and by insisting that people refer to him as "Lord and God.” The Senate grew to loathe and fear Domitian, hatching numerous plots against his life, and he, in turn, became increasingly suspicious towards them. In the last three or four years of Domitian’s reign, the senators lived in fear of their lives, reaping the fruit of their conspiracies. In the end, it would be this backstabbing and mistrust on both sides that would doom Domitian. In 95, he eliminated his two praetorian prefects. The two men who replaced them, Petronius Secundus and Norbanus, fearing that they too would soon be eliminated, decided to form a successful conspiracy to assassinate Domitian.

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