Garnet, Tourmaline, & Rock Crystal Bead Necklace - FJ.4084 - For Sale

Garnet, Tourmaline, & Rock Crystal Bead Necklace - FJ.4084
Price: $800.00
In the orient, rock crystal is considered the perfect jewel, symbolic of purity, infinity, patience and perseverance. Throughout history, in every part of the world, man has valued this transparent, colorless quartz for its benevolent power and faultless beauty. As an amulet, rock crystal is thought to cure ailments of the glands, the eye, the intestines and the heart. Worn by a sleeper, it is believed to prevent bad dreams. Its chief appeal has always been its transparent purity, the very personification of virtue, goodness, and innocence. Those who wear it are kept pure in body and spirit. The garnet was highly prized in the classical world. Its rich color, the reddish purple associated with royalty, made it especially sought after for jewelry. Therapeutically, garnet is believed to keep the wearer free from wounds, and to promote good health in general. It is especially useful for preventing skin disorders and for giving a glowing complexion. Medium: Garnet/Tourmaline

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