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Abalone Pearl Ring - FJ.5495
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Although abalones are a fairly plentiful mollusk, these rock-hugging snails usually found in mild temperature ocean waters rarely produce pearls. When they do, the cause is usually an inner shell or intestinal disturbance anything from a tiny shell fragment or pebble to a parasite or small crab that requires encasement in a secretion. Over time this protective fluid hardens into a pearl, which sometimes has a hollow center because the original intruding substance has disintegrated. Like the magnificently iridescent shells in which they are found, abalone pearls such as this extraordinary example boast brilliant color play that makes them unique among this gem species. Indeed, one reason pearl connoisseurs have long made so much fuss over choice abalone pearls is the gems near opal like swirls and patches of rainbow colors among them, orange, red, yellow, blue and green. Off the coast of Mexico and California there are at least six different abalone types, classified by shell color, ranging from pink and red to green and black, not to mention other rarities off Japan, Korea, Thailand and South Africa. Today, the rocky shores of California and Mexico are the main source of abalone pearls, as they have been for a long time. When the Spaniards looted Mexico’s Aztec empire of its enormous gold, silver and gem wealth including abalone pearls in the early 16th century, this variety of pearl came into vogue in India, one of Spain’s trading partners. The wealthy Maharajahs who bought these pearls cherished the gems as truly prized possessions. Today, the abalone pearl continues to claim a high status in the realm of gems, for its distinctive beauty captivates the heart and soul of all who gaze upon this remarkable gift from the sea. - (FJ.5495)Origin: California Circa: 20 th Century AD Collection: Modern Jewelry Style: Contemporary Medium: Abalone Pearl, Gold

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