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Moonstone Ring - FJ.5590
Price: $1900.00
Minerals of the feldspar group, of which moonstone is one, constitute over half of the earth's crust, but nature only rarely yields them as gemstones. Remarkable iridescence is the hallmark of moonstone. The shimmer of the stone, caused by scattering of light from thin layers within, forms a subtle but beckoning adornment in soft illumination. Moonstone appeared in roman jewelry in about 100 A.D., and even earlier in oriental adornment. In India, moonstone was sacred and also had a special significance for lovers; if they placed it in their mouths when the moon was full, they could foresee their future. In Europe, the gemstone was thought to bring about lovers' reconciliation, as well as drive away sleepiness. Later in history, the gemstone was a favorite of art nouveau jewelers, and Cartier and Tiffany creations frequently contained the gem. - (FJ.5590)Origin: India Collection: Gem Stone Rings Medium: Moonstone/Gold

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