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Aquamarine Ring - FJ.5552
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Aquamarine is a variety of the gemstone beryl, its name deriving from two Latin words meaning "water" and "sea." the history of aquamarine begins with the Greeks, who first documented the gemstone's use between 480 and 300 B.C. aquamarine amulets were worn by the ancient sailors, rendering them fearless and protecting them from adversities at sea, especially if the stone were engraved with Poseidon on a chariot. According to later Christian symbolism, aquamarine was a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. It signified moderation and control of the passions to its owners. Today, aquamarine is believed to calm the nerves, while at the same time enhancing the clarity of the mind. It also aids in the act of creative self-expression. - (FJ.5552)Origin: Brazilian Aquamarin Collection: Gem Stone Rings Medium: Aquamarine/Gold

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