Cabochon Emerald Ring - FJ.3578 - For Sale

Cabochon Emerald Ring - FJ.3578
Price: $5785.00
Highly prized for its gorgeous green color, the emerald was also esteemed in ancient times for its curative properties. It was thought beneficial to the eyes, and used as a talisman against evil spirits. Because of the gem's purity of color it was also believed to assist women in childbirth and seen as an emblem of chastity. In the New Testament the emerald is denoted as the fourth jewel in the foundation of the New Jerusalem wall (Rev.21:19). However, the beauty of the stone is what attracts our admiration and makes the wearing of the emerald something very special. - (FJ.3578)Origin: Colombia Collection: Emerald Ring Style: Cabochon Medium: Gold/Emerald

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Barakat Gallery
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