Carved Opal of a Horse's Head - FJ.3260 - For Sale

Carved Opal of a Horse's Head - FJ.3260
Price: $1400.00
Since the dawn of time, man has been fascinated by the graceful power of the horse. Herds of horses are depicted on the walls of caves far older than recorded history, while in the ancient near east the horse was associated with nobility. In the classical age, artists superbly captured the beauty of the animal in paintings and sculpture alike. This exquisite pendant, carved from a single piece of fiery opal, shows a lively horse with a windblown mane. It evokes the splendid horses that pull the chariot of the moon on the pediment of the Parthenon in Athens. With its iridescent, multi-colored beauty, opal seems the perfect gem for such a vision. A unique adornment for those who always keep a part of their heart free and untamed. The opal has been prized since antiquity. Within its depths, one sees the rich variety of colors for which other gems are famed: the purple of amethyst, the red of ruby, the sea green of emerald as well as gold and silver. The name of the gem is thought to derive from the word qphthalmius, pertaining to the eye, and the stone is valued for its ability to avert evil. In the east, opals are sought as amulets to prevent disease, and they are also believed to improve eyesight. Any person gazing upon this brilliant gem will be rewarded with beauty. - (FJ.3260)Origin: Australia Collection: Opal Pendant Medium: Opal/Gold

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