Gold Ring Featuring a Cabochon Ruby - FJ.6228 - For Sale

Gold Ring Featuring a Cabochon Ruby - FJ.6228
Price: $6600.00
This genuine ruby from Sri Lanka has been mounted in an 18 karat gold ring. The name ruby comes from the Latin Rubeus because of its red color. As a rough stone the ruby can appear dull; but when cut, the luster can approach that of a diamond. In fact they are the hardest minerals after the diamond and extra care must be taken in cutting and setting them. This gorgeous ruby is a cabochon, meaning a style of cutting where the upper part is domed and the lower portion is level or slightly domed. Much mythology has grown around this wonderful gem. The Greek philosopher Archelaus (5th century B.C.) said the ruby's natural warmth was so great it could melt wax. It was believed they could shield against adversity, protect houses, orchards and restore youth! One fact is certain-- when adorning someone' s hand this lovely ring will be eye catching and simply beautiful. - (FJ.6228)Origin: Sri Lanka Collection: Jewelry Style: Gem Stone Rings Medium: Ruby and Gold

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Barakat Gallery
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