18 Karat Gold Ring Set with a Blue Topaz - FJ.5561 - For Sale

18 Karat Gold Ring Set with a Blue Topaz - FJ.5561
Price: $3700.00
The name Topaz is thought to have derived from Topazion, an old name for the island of Zebergit, or St. John's Island in the red sea. Topaz occurs in several different colors, one of which is a rich shade of blue. Topaz was used in Ancient Egypt and Rome. The Romans obtained their topaz from Ceylon, an early and continuing source for the gemstone. In the seventeenth century, jean batiste Tavernier mentions both the stone and the location in accounts of his buying trips in the orient. During the Middle Ages in Europe, topaz was not particularly popular, although it was occasionally used in ecclesiastical or royal jewelry. However, by the eighteenth century in Spain and France, the gem enjoyed increased popularity and, together with diamonds, was set in many magnificent pieces of jewelry. Early in the next century, topaz and amethyst were the most stylish gems for earrings and necklaces in both France and England. Topaz continued to be one of the most popular gems during the Victorian era and later became a favorite stone of the art deco jewelers. Commonly regarded as the finest yellow stone, its popularity persists. In regard to its purported powers, topaz was thought to strengthen the mind and prevent mental disorders as well as sudden death during the middle ages. Later, topaz was recommended as a cure for madness, a means of increasing one's wisdom and prudence, and a coolant for both boiling water and excessive anger. - (FJ.5561)Origin: Brazil Collection: Modern Jewelry Style: Topaz Rings Medium: Topaz and Gold

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