Green Tourmaline Cat's Eye Ring - FJ.5609 - For Sale

Green Tourmaline Cat's Eye Ring - FJ.5609
Price: $4800.00
Tourmaline, which ranges in color from green to pink, to blue or black, is one of the most intense and beautiful stones known to man. It is said to channel creative energy and focus thought, reasons for which it is much favored by artists. When worn on or about the body, tourmaline provides a spiritual and physical balance, a feeling of harmony and happiness. It is valued as a healing stone on all levels, bringing restorative energy to both the body and the emotions. Its radiance, clarity, and the broad spectrum of colors make tourmaline one of the most magical of stones, possessed of an energy which transforms the wearer both inside and out. - (FJ.5609)Origin: Brazil Collection: Tourmaline Ring Medium: Tourmaline/Gold

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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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