Eilat Stone Pendant Set in 18-Karat Gold - FJ.3508 - For Sale

Eilat Stone Pendant Set in 18-Karat Gold - FJ.3508
Price: $2200.00
The rare and beautiful Eilat stone is named for Eilat near the Gulf of Aqaba, where the famous copper mines of king Solomon were located in antiquity. The gem is still found there today. The cool blue-green of an undersea grotto, Eilat stone owes its radiant color to a combination of malachite and azurite, both copper based. Strong healing powers are ascribed to Eilat stone: it is especially useful to prevent weakness of the bones and to aid the absorption of vitamins and minerals into the system. The gem is said to open the body to more rapid healing, and to insure that the process is more complete. It helps rid the body of all toxins. Spiritually, Eilat stone is valued for releasing emotions and for soothing and calming the wearer. To look into its rich blue depths is to feel oneself transported to a quiet, peaceful place, far from the cares and stresses of daily life. - (FJ.3508)Origin: Israel Collection: Eilat Stone Pendant Medium: Eilat/Gold

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Barakat Gallery
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