Jade Pendant/Brooch of Peacock - FJ.3773 - For Sale

Jade Pendant/Brooch of Peacock - FJ.3773
Price: $2400.00
Since ancient times the peacock has captured the imagination of poets, artists, and lovers of beauty. This fantastic creature, the king of birds, is symbolic of loveliness, luxury, and pride. The peacock was the emblem of Hera, queen of the Olympian gods. The sailors of king Solomon’s navy are said to have brought peacocks back from a distant voyage to grace the palace gardens. This fantastic bird has a body of radiant gold and a tail of palest green jade. He holds a tasseled ball in his beak, enameled to the rich colors of a living peacock's plumage. Graceful and majestic, he is certain to make the woman who wears him feel like royalty in her own right. - (FJ.3773)Medium: Jade/Gold

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Barakat Gallery
405 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills
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Email : barakat@barakatgallery.com
Phone : 310.859.8408

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