A Martins ZODIAC Golf Ball - For Sale

A Martins ZODIAC Golf Ball
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A good example of a ‘Zodiac’ rubber core golf ball with an unusual pattern. The pattern consists of raised studs within circles. The golf ball is manufactured by Martins, England. The Martins – Birmingham Ltd. was one of the first ball manufactures to produce a seamless golf ball.

The rubber core ball (the ancestor of the modern ball) began its life in the late 1890’s. The first mass produced rubber core ball was by Coburn Haskell of Cleveland, Ohio. The first core balls were hand wound with elastic thread with a Gutta-percha cover, moulded with the raised square mesh pattern of their predecessor. The slight irregularities in the early wound balls made them quite lively, it was not until the invention of the automatic winding machine by John Gammeter (an engineer at Goodrich) and the change of pattern from mesh to bramble that the balls became more consistent and predictable.

Circa: 1910

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Manfred Schotten Antiques
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United Kingdom
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