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Antique Gutta Percha Golf Ball
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A very good example of a gutta percha golf ball with a moulded mesh pattern made by Craig-park Co. The name CRAIG-PARK, SPECIAL is faintly visable on one side of the golf ball. Craig-park Co. is a division of the Craig-Park Electrical Cable Company from Flemington Street, Springburn, Glasgow, Scotland.

To make a gutty ball first the gutta-percha was heated and loosely rolled into a ball shape. The ball was then put into a metal mould and placed into a press. The press would imprint the pattern onto the ball and the excess would squeeze out of the sides. When cool the seams are then trimmed , leaving a hard and non-brittle “Gutta” golf ball.
Gutta-percha is the evaporated latex produced from a tree, mostly found in Malaysia.

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