A Nkanu Initiation Wall Panel, Yaka, D.R. Congo/Angola - For Sale

A Nkanu Initiation Wall Panel, Yaka, D.R. Congo/Angola
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Wood, fine patina from age, bright pigments, gesso like undercoating, geometric patterns on the foreground, centred by a female figure finely carved in such high relief that it seems about to step out from the background.

The Nkanu initiation art combine human and animal images with dimensional floral and geometric patterns that convey meaning through color and symbolic imagery. The panels were displayed inside the enclosure called kikaku. The kikaku and its contents - wall panels, guardian figures, head posts, sculptures, formed the stage for the public celebration marking the end of the initiation cycle. Each panel tells its own story. Together the wall panels and figural sculpture function as a visual language that can be read only by those educated within nkanda. These images speak of rebirth, emotional and sexual maturity, death and the spirit world, and community values.
Signs of use, some damage.

H: 63 cm (24 3/4 inch).

Regional & Ethnic Antiques
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