A Hellenistic Terracotta Askos - Huge! - For Sale

A Hellenistic Terracotta Askos - Huge!
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Canosan, ca. 3rd century B.C. This particular class of vases of Canosa make up a most extreme class of funerary styles of the Hellenistic period. Typically pieces of the time were fired in a conventional three-phase firing process which employed mainly a black glaze. These vases were left with a white clay slip before firing and were painted with vegetable and mineral pigments that would not have survived the firing process. Mold-made statuettes of maidens and masks were produced separately and applied to the already-fired body with casein adhesives made from milk and pine pitch. This particular pieces is quite unusual and rare, as it has no handle(s) and the spout is positioned in the center of the vase where the handle normally is positioned on typical askoi. The main body has an applied mask of Medusa with parted lips and highly-detailed serpents with blue paint remaining. The top of the vase has a winged maiden wearing a long chiton. 24"H x 14"W, only the top lid, which maiden stands upon, is not original, otherwise minor restoration.ca. 3rd century B.C. Category:Hellenistic Material:Terracotta Dimensions:24"H x 14"W Condition:Restored

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