Roman Marble Head Fragment - Very Striking Art! - For Sale

Roman Marble Head Fragment - Very Striking Art!
Price: $4150.00
This piece transcends ancient and modern art. When put into the proper lighting the features and "personality" comes to life! From ancient Rome, ca 1st to 2nd century AD, near-life size marble head of a young man or god, broken in antiquity (but still retaining his pursed lips, strong cleft chin, portion of one eye, right ear and some of his curly locks). The marble has developed a wonderful, deep patina that only comes from 2000 years of burial in the right soil conditions. 7"H not counting custom base, fragmentary but superb (would be a $30,000 head if complete). I see such great strength and art in this piece! ca 1st to 2nd century AD Category:Roman Material:Marble Dimensions:7"H Condition:Fragment

Ancient Roman
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