Amusing Moche Erotic Kero - For Sale

Amusing Moche Erotic Kero
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One of the truly most "amusing" vessels we have ever encountered... and such a testament to the sense of humor enjoyed by this fascinating culture! The joke here is that this kero can only be used by using the extended penis as a straw. If you attempt to drink via the rim, as one would usually do, the holes will cause the liquid to drench you and not quench your thirst. Moche, northern Peru, ca. 100-300 A.D. Tapered conical bi-chrome pottery drinking vessel with a flat bottom, erect penis spout at midsection. Nicely-burnished tan ground exterior decorated with two wide and two narrow painted cream color bands. Upper rim with a ring of perforations. 5-1/2”H, repaired from approximately three original pieces, with restoration over breaklines, plus a few minor restored rim chips. A rare type. Category:Moche Material:Pottery Dimensions:5-1/2”H Condition:Repaired

Ancient South America
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