An exceptionally detailed large brass alloy (or bronze alloy) Tikar African mask. #M973 - For Sale

An exceptionally detailed large brass alloy (or bronze alloy) Tikar African mask. #M973
Price: $695.00
This wonderful mask is a great example of African tribal metalwork. It has a very nice patina with normal casting flaws, an old repair to the left cheek and some old cracks (all stable), see photos. It measures about 17” tall and 9” wide. It is about 26” in total length. These large authentic African brass masks are rare and seldom offered for sale. This one probably dates from the 1960’s.. The braded steel wire is to mount it on a wall and the forth photo shows it mounted on a wall. It is a very impressive piece and is guaranteed to “stop traffic” where ever it is displayed.
The Tikar are a group of related ethnic groups in Cameroon. They live primarily in the northwestern part of the country, in the Northwest Province near the Nigerian border. They speak several related Southern Bantoid languages. Their population is approximately 25,000.
The Tikar have elements of matrilineal and patrilineal descent. Their folk belief states that during pregnancy the blood that the woman would normally release during menstruation forms parts of the fetus. This blood is said to form the skin, blood, flesh and most of the organs. The bones, brain, heart and teeth are believed to be formed from the father's sperm.[1] In the case of a son the masculinity also comes from this. The Tikar are also noted as mask-makers.

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