Bactrian Silver Tetradrachm of King Antimachos I - LC.039 - For Sale

Bactrian Silver Tetradrachm of King Antimachos I - LC.039
Price: $2120.00
Obverse: Diademed Bust of the King Wearing a Kausia Reverse: The God Poseidon Holding a Trident and a Palm Branch Antimachos I ruled Bactria from around 185 to 170 B.C. The historical record offers conflicting suggestions that he either a member of the familial dynasty founded by Euthydemos I or that he was independent of Euthydemid authority. Though little is known about his reign, we do know that he was likely overthrown by Eucratides, who lead a successful revolt against the Eythydemids and usurped the Bactrian throne. In the history of numismatics, Antimachos is distinguished as the first Hellenic ruler to declare himself “Basileos Teou” or “God- King.” Also notable, some of his coins feature the image of an elephant on the obverse, a position normally reserved for royal portraits. As elephants are traditionally one of the symbols for Buddhism, this feature has been interpreted as symbolizing the victory of the Bactrians against the Hindu Sunga Empire, which effectively freed the Buddhists in northern India. Origin: Afghanistan Circa: 185 BC to 170 BC Collection: Greek Coins Style: Bactrian Medium: Silver

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