Bactrian Silver Tetradrachm of King Eukratides I - LC.092 - For Sale

Bactrian Silver Tetradrachm of King Eukratides I - LC.092
Price: $11440.00
Obverse: Heroic Bust of the King Wearing a Military Helmet Reverse: Conjoined Busts of Heliocles and Laodice This coin represent King Eukratides I of Bactria, a land in central Asia (Afghanistan) that was conquered by Alexander. The adoption of the title 'Great King', implying imperial rather than merely royal status, followed some years after Eukratides' consolidation of control over Bactria. He established himself as king of "the thousand cities of Bactria" and set out to enlarge his kingdom in all directions. While returning from one of his campaigns, he was killed by one of his sons, who seized the throne. Bactrian coins were made to the Greek Standard, and this is one of the most beautiful coins of the late Hellenistic period. Known for their strongly realistic portraits, this tetradrachm of Eukratides is no exception. He is depicted as a formidable warrior, wearing a cuirass and a bronze helmet over his diadem. His features are individualized, his expression stern. On the reverse, his parents, Heliocles and Laodice, have been memorialized. Origin: Afghanistan Circa: 171 BC to 145 BC Collection: Greek Coins Style: Bactrian Medium: Silver

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