Bactrian Silver Drachm of King Antialcidas - C.2224 - For Sale

Bactrian Silver Drachm of King Antialcidas - C.2224
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Obverse: Bust of the King Wearing a Kausia, a Macedonian Helmet Reverse: Zeus Enthroned upon an Elephant Holding Nike From his capital at Taxila, King Antialcidas ruled over northwestern India. He is thought to have reigned from 115-95 B.C., although other scholars believe that he ruled earlier, from 130- 120 B.C. It is thought he was part of the Eucratid Dynasty and may have been related to Bactrian King Heliocles I, although he ruled after the fall of the Bactrian Kingdom. Little else is known about Antialcidas, as there are few historical sources documenting the Indo-Greek kingdoms. What we do know about him derived primarily from his coinage and an inscription in Central India. Origin: Northwestern India Circa: 115 BC to 95 BC Collection: Numismatics Style: Indo-Greek Kingdoms Medium: Silver

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