Silver Tetradrachm of King Philip III Arrhidaeus - C.5007 - For Sale

Silver Tetradrachm of King Philip III Arrhidaeus - C.5007
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Obverse: The Head of Herakles Wearing the Skin of the Nimean Lion Reverse: Zeus Enthroned Facing Left Holding an Eagle and a Scepter Historically, Arrhidaeus, bastard child of King Phillip II, is best known as one of the half-brothers of Alexander the Great. Yet while his brother rose to glory, carving out one of the largest empires the world has ever known, Arrhidaeus has vanished into obscurity. Ancient texts convey the fact that Arrhiaeus was mentally impaired. Although this might have been due to natural causes, effective from birth, some contrary rumors were circulated. Legend has it that Olympias, the mother of Alexander, attempted to poison Arrhidaeus so that her child would be first in line for the throne. This would both be in keeping with her malicious, meddling character and explain any mental disorders. Regardless of this story’s credibility, there are many other tales where Olympias manipulated Alexander to act out against his brother. Needless to say, these instances often were more beneficial to Olympias herself than her son. However, upon the death of Alexander the Great, Arrhidaeus was proclaimed king and assumed the title of Phillip III. Although he ruled for six year (323-317 B.C.) until his death, he was king in little more than name. Origin: Minted in Babylon Circa: 323 BC to 317 BC Collection: Numismatics Style: Macedonian Medium: Silver

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