Silver Tetradrachm of King Lysimachos - C.398 - For Sale

Silver Tetradrachm of King Lysimachos - C.398
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Obverse: Deified Head of Alexander the Great Facing Right Reverse: Athena Nikephoros Enthroned Facing Left Holding Nike Lysimachos was born around 360 B.C. to Thessalian Greek parents who had migrated to Macedonia. He served in the army of Philip II and was appointed to the select somatophylakes (royal bodyguards) under Alexander the Great. After Alexander’s death, he was given a satrapy consisting of Thrace and parts of northwestern Asia Minor. He supported the various coalitions that included Seleukos, Ptolemy and Kassandros against the growing power of Antigonos Monophthalmos. Like the other major successor generals, he proclaimed himself king in 305/4 B.C. and built his capital, Lysimacheia, in the Thracian Chersonesos. Lysimachos was instrumental in the final destruction of Antigonos at the battle of Ipsos in 301. It fell to him and his army to hold the Antigonid forces in Asia Minor until Seleukos could arrive from the east with his war elephants and deliver the coup de grace. Because of the great risks that he undertook, Lysimachos received the majority of Antigonos' possessions in Asia Minor. Despite some difficulties with native Thracian tribal chiefs, Lysimachos wrested the very throne of Macedonia from Demetrios Poliorketes in 285. Unfortunately, Lysimachos was unable to conciliate his subjects to himself. Eventually, the peoples of Asia Minor, gorwing discontent with Lysimachos’ rule and over-taxation, invited Seleukos to save them. The ensuing contest was decided on the field of Koroupedion in 291 B.C. when Lysimachos fell to the forces of Seleukos I. Origin: Mediterranean Circa: 323 BC to 281 BC Collection: Numismatics Style: Thracean Medium: Silver

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