Silver Tetradrachm of King Antiochus III the Great - C.553 - For Sale

Silver Tetradrachm of King Antiochus III the Great - C.553
Price: $1600.00
Obverse: Diademed Head of the King Facing Right Reverse: Apollo Seated on Omphalos, Holding Arrow, Left Arm Resting on Bow, Inscription “BASILEUS” (King) to the Right and “ANTIOXOY” (Antiochus) to the Left The Seleukid Kingdom was established by Seleukos I, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, following the death of Alexander and the division of his empire. At its peak under Seleukos I and Antiochus I, the Seleucid Kingdom comprised almost the whole of the conquests of Alexander with the exception of Egypt. Antiochus III, known as “the Great,” was the younger son of Seleukos II and brother of Seleukos III. A soldier of great ability, he successfully campaigned between 212 and 205 B.C. to restore Alexander’s empire in Judea from the clutches of Ptolemy V as well as the kingdoms of Parthia and Bactria. Later he was defeated by the Romans following their victory over Phillip V of Macedon in 197. Origin: Syria Circa: 223 BC to 187 BC Collection: Numismatics Style: Seleukid Medium: Silver

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