Silver Tetradrachm Minted Under Quaestor Aesillas - C.3039 - For Sale

Silver Tetradrachm Minted Under Quaestor Aesillas - C.3039
Price: $1960.00
Obverse: Diademed Head of Alexander the Great Reverse: Club of Herakles, Quaestor’s Chair and Money Chest Surrounded by an Olive Wreath While Alexander the Great was forging his vast kingdom in the east, the Romans had been expanding in the west and now began making inroads for Greece. They found willing allies in Pergamum and Rhodes, who feared Syrian and Macedonian expansionism. The Romans defeated the Seleucid king, Antiochus III, in a three-year campaign and in 189 B.C. gave all of Asia Minor to Pergamum. Several wars were needed to subjugate Macedon, but in 168 B.C. Macedon lost the decisive Battle of Pydnaa and was turned into a Roman province 20 years later. Under Roman rule, the region’s economy was controlled by the quaestor, any of various public officials responsible for finance and administration in several areas of government and the military in ancient Rome. Aesillas, the quaestor under whom this coin was minted, clearly manipulated his influence into a position of power symbolized by this coin.Origin: Asia Minor Circa: 75 BC to 65 BC Collection: Numismatics Style: Macedonian

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