Bronze Prutah of the Procurator of Judea Valerius Gratus - C.724 - For Sale

Bronze Prutah of the Procurator of Judea Valerius Gratus - C.724
Price: $300.00
Obverse: Inscription "TIB KAI CAP" (Tiberius Ceasar) Surrounded by Wreath Reverse: Palm Branch Flanked by Inscription "Julia" and Date "Year 11" (24 A.D.) Valerius Gratus served as procurator of Roman occupied Judea from 15-26 A.D. Appointed by Emperor Tiberius, his service, lasting almost a dozen years, was the longest reign of any Roman procurator in Judea. It was during this period that the seeds of growing Jewish unrest were sown, and Jesus worked as an obscure carpenter in Galilee. As the procurator, Valerius was in charge of the religious affairs of his subjects, the Jews, which included appointing the high priests to the Temple. Valerius issued coins during the majority of the duration of his service. His coins, like all those minted by Roman procurators (with the exception of Pontius Pilate), featured no symbols that were utterly abhorrent to the Jews. Two of his favored symbols were the palm branch, a traditional symbol for the abundance of Judea that was also utilized by the Roman for their “Judea Capta” series commemorating the occupation of ancient Israel, and grapes or the grape vine, an important staple of the Judean economy that also had a religious significance as a ritual offering. Origin: Israel Circa: 24 AD Collection: Jewish Coins Style: Judean Medium: Bronze

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