Bronze Coin of Emperor Licinius - C.0496 - For Sale

Bronze Coin of Emperor Licinius - C.0496
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Bronze Coin of Emperor Licinius - C.0496 Origin: Minted in Thessalonika Circa: 308 AD to 324 AD Collection: Numismatics Style: Roman Medium: Bronze Licinius, born Valerius Licinianus Licinius, ruled from 308 to 324 AD. Born in 250, he was a close friend of Emperor Galerius and accompanied him on a military expedition against the Persians. Galerius appointed him to Augustus of the western half of the Empire (Italy, Africa, Spain and Pannonia) in 308, following the death of Valerius Severus. This appointment was highly unorthodox, and ignored other, stronger claims from Constantine and Daia Maximinus. Licinius was concerned at his weak position, and so sided with Constantine against Maximinus, and even married his sister. His power was increased when he seized the Balkan states in 311 with the death of Galerius, but could not move fast enough to also seize Asia Minor, which was taken by Maximinus. Their territories ended at the Bosporus.

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