Roman Republican Silver Denarius, L. Titurius Sabinus - C.5383 - For Sale

Roman Republican Silver Denarius, L. Titurius Sabinus - C.5383
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Obverse: Head of Tatius right, SABIN behind Reverse: Victory in biga, L . TITVRI below, XXXXII in exergue The family of Titurius Sabinus traced its heritage to the Sabines, and possibly to king Tatius himself, depicted on the obverse of this coin. The Sabines were an Italian tribe, neighbors of the nascent settlement of Rome, whose proximity provided a ready source of wives for the Romans who were lacking women at this early stage of their history. The event in which many Sabine women were carried off by Romans is historically referred to as “The Rape of the Sabines.” Origin: Mediterranean Circa: 89 BC Weight: 4.2 Grams Collection: Numismatics Style: Roman Republican Medium: Silver

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