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French art deco wrought iron lamp
Price: $2150.00

The base is composed of several elements. Striated sheets hammered into each hold a ball giving a hint of a curve on the straight lines of this great lamp. A march square cloisonne leaves and rests on the terrace hammered honeycomb.

The time is long groove and stressed its four sides by a steel band hammered teardrop.

Signature Meyv hollow on the base.

This lamp is very massive in its online home to a pressed glass bowl large palmette pattern of the glass master Charles Schneider.

Height of the lamp with glass: 50 cm
dimensions of the lamp base: 15 cm

Meyv is a french blacksmith art exerting the steel work for many years.

Fascinated by the wrought iron Art Deco and the magnificent works of the great ironworkers of the early century, including Edgar Brandt, Paul Kiss, Raymond Subes, not to mention the most known Meyv draws its inspiration from these masters ironwork.His work is the result of many years of research and a carefully incorporating craftsmanship techniques of blacksmiths from the Art Deco period. Each element of his work is done by hand. Hammered the ball through the oak leaf or Gingko Biloba, the splines forgings, scrolls, flowers pink. Meyv carries itself all the parts that make up the final object.


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