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This rare antique model ship is a Baltimore Clipper, A Privateer War 1812 ,is an example of the building style known as Admiralty Style, plank-on-frame construction with exposed ribs, to demonstrate construction of the original ship. In the 16th century
British Navy did not build their own ships; they were built by contractors after approval from “ Lords of the Admiralty”, a group of aristocrates, nobility and civil servants. Since these people could not read plans, proposed ships were presented to them in the form of a model. Thus the building style ,Admiralty Style, exposed rib construction. There are two reasons for a model ship builder to chose a plank-on-frame construction . One, that is the way a real ship is built. Two, to expose internal details, to allow the viewer to examine hull timbers.

During the War of 1812 privateers were permitted to prey upon the merchant fleet of Great Britain. The design for Baltimore Clippers emerged from the shipyards of Fells Point, Baltimore in response for fast ships that could elude the lumbering British naval vessels. Clippers were “sharp built”, that is they had a v-shaped hull that could cut quickly through the waves. They were gaff-rigged schooners, many had a square sail for driving power on the foremast. They could sail closer to the wind and were much more
maneuverable than British ships.

This rare antique Baltimore Clipper is a scratch built model ship built entirely from scratch materials with no commercially fabricated parts except cordage, chain and
belaying parts. It was built about 1900 according to the current owner from whom I purchased the model. Length overall 30". The rigging was redone 27 years ago by my father Arthur J. Menard whose model ships were purchased in New York City by the
Seamen's Bank which had the most famous marine collection in the U.S.A. The rigging has small wooden dead-eyes, and linen cord. It is in a new mahogany case.

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