Yankees Steinbrenner RARE Letter Collection 1949-1952 - For Sale

Yankees Steinbrenner RARE Letter Collection 1949-1952
Price: $25000.00
Over the next several weeks Mary Jane Schriner is selling a rare collection of 19 letters from George Steinbrenner. These letters were headed to the Baseball Hall of Fame before the Yankees intervened last October to stop them from being displayed. Most recently these letters were going to be displayed in the museum at Yankees Stadium but the owner decided against it at the last minute.

Additional details of these letters can be found on her blog at http://mjschriner.wordpress.com

According to the Yankees, publication of these letters would cause "untold embarrassment and damages to the Steinbrenner family and the Steinbrenners’ business interests.”

According to the Business Insider article just published this week,

"In the end, the Yankees over-protection of The Boss' legacy is merely denying Schriner one last chance to honor her old friend. Since she can't publish or give the letters to the Hall (and her failing eyesight means she can no longer read them), Schriner hopes to the sell the letters to a collector. The buyer wouldn't be able to publish the letters either, but at least the memories would live on for baseball fans."

You can read the full Business Insider article and Baseball Reference article at the links below,

Ron Blum of the Associate Press covered additional details about her letters at this link,

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Seller Details :
Mike Schriner
3358 Caminito Luna Nueva
Del Mar
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Email : elster.michael@yahoo.com
Phone : 858-220-9540
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