Antique New Haven Tambour No. 56 Wind-Up Wood Mantel Item #744 - For Sale

Antique New Haven Tambour No. 56 Wind-Up Wood Mantel Item #744
Price: $80.00
Antique New Haven Tambour No. 56 wind up
wood framed mantel clock is in Great body
condition. Needs to be serviced by a clock repair
Original maker label on the bottom indicating
Tambour No. 56 New Haven Clock Col. New
Haven Conn. USA. *As shown in picture above,
this antique clock comes with the original key.
comes with the original key.
Selling as is conditon.

History Of New Haven Clocks: New Haven Clock
Company, started up on Feb. 7th, 1853 by Hiram Camp a
clockmaker. Hiram and some other clockmakers,
supplied clock movements to the Jerome Manufacturing
Company, then the largest clock making operation in the
world. Three years later the Jerome company went
bankrupt, and was soon bought out by the New Haven
Clock Company. By 1860, the New Haven Clock
Company produced 170,000 clocks a year. In 1880,
non-jeweled pocket watches were added to the line, and
were offered until the 1950's. Hiram Camp founder & long
time president resigns from the company in September
1891. Walter C. Camp takes over, and modernizes the
watch company in 1904. Adding a line of wristwatches in
1915. From 1943 through 1945, the firm was involved in
only manufacturing war products. In 1946- The firm
resumed in clock & watch making, and was then known
as the New Haven Clock & Watch Company. 1956, the
company deteriorated and eventually operations ceased
in 1960. The company was then auctioned off piece by
piece at a public auction on March 24, 1960.

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