Rare Mesopotamia cylinder seal, Isin-Larsa! - For Sale

Rare Mesopotamia cylinder seal, Isin-Larsa!
Price: $750.00
A fine Old babylonian or Assyrian cylinder seal in black hematite, dating to 2000-1600 BC. Southern mesopotamian type from the socalled Isin-Larsa period. A deity is handing over an object to another figure, where a 2nd. deity is standing behind. In the fields spacefilling objects, among which is a star, an animal and a bird. Condition: Superb. Exceptional quality like all seals from the collection! Ex Swedish private collection - purchased during the 1950s at Viktoria Lindstr├Âms Antikhandel, Stockholm. Her business card in the collection together with notes. Ex late 19th. century collection, note the old costum made brass mount with collection number (letter) hand-chiselled.

Ancient Near East
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Senatus Consulto
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Email : senatusconsulto@tdcadsl.dk
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