Rare Mesopotamia cylinder seal, Isin-Larsa! - For Sale

Rare Mesopotamia cylinder seal, Isin-Larsa!
Price: $750.00
A fine Old babylonian or Assyrian cylinder seal in black hematite, dating to 2000-1600 BC. Southern mesopotamian type from the socalled Isin-Larsa period. A deity is handing over an object to another figure, where a 2nd. deity is standing behind. In the fields spacefilling objects, among which is a star, an animal and a bird. Condition: Superb. Exceptional quality like all seals from the collection! Ex Swedish private collection - purchased during the 1950s at Viktoria Lindströms Antikhandel, Stockholm. Her business card in the collection together with notes. Ex late 19th. century collection, note the old costum made brass mount with collection number (letter) hand-chiselled.

Ancient Near East
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Senatus Consulto
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