Vintage Chinese Glass Snuff Bottle - For Sale

Vintage Chinese Glass Snuff Bottle
Price: $60.00
Vintage chinese reverse art painting glass
snuff bottle is in Great Condition. No chips or
Measurements: 2 1/2in. tall by 2. 2.5in. wide.

History of Snuff Bottles:: Tobacco usage
spread from America To Europe to China
during the 17th Century. Europeans carried
their boxes and took a pinch with their
fingertips. The Chinese upper class, because of
their lengthy fingernails, found this
inconvenient and devised a bottle with a fitted
stopper and attached spoon. These objects
soon became objects of art. Snuff bottles were
fashioned from precious and semi-precious
stones, glass, porcelain and pottery, wood,
metals, and ivory. Glass and transparent stone
bottles often were enhanced further with
delicate hand paintings, some done on the
interiors of the bottle.

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