Greek coin: Rare Aegospotami bronze w. goat! - For Sale

Greek coin: Rare Aegospotami bronze w. goat!
Price: $275.00
An extremely rare bronze coin of an extremely rare Greek city!

Aegospotami. Although there is no mention of a town of this name in B.C. 405, when the Athenians were defeated by Lysander at the ‘Goat River’, yet there are small silver coins with the head of a goat, and with an incuse reverse of Chersonesian pattern (B. M. 12.5 grs.) which are certainly earlier than that time. The bronze coins are later in style than the age of Alexander, and are probably contemporary with the earliest autonomous issues of the neighboring city of Sestus. In both towns Demeter seems to have been the chief divinity.

Head of Demeter wearing wreathed and ornamented kalathos. ÁÉÃÏÓÐÏ or ÁÉÃÏÐÏ Goat standing. [B. M. C., Thrace, p. 187].

This coin is very rare and the few specimens for sale are going at $400-600 at auctions - ours is better and much cheaper, take advantage.

Consignment from private collection - please inquire on the status directly.

Condition: Nice VF.

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