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Ancient stone talisman, amulet, carved caligraphy!
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An superbly carved mysterious ancient amulet, c.1st. millennium AD.

The amulet is basically carved as an ancient spindle whorl in a hard white stone with red striation. The stone is possibly a form of marple.

The amulet is covered with artful engravings. The central design is a woman with large breasts reclining on her back in full figure. The woman has an elaborate headdress and clothing and is drinking from a wine jug. It looks like there's a bootle between her legs. The amulet is covered in fine caligraphic-style writing. We haven't been able to establish the language, whether it's a variant of brahmic, aramaic or arabian. We suggest Hindu-Kush / Sassaian origin, pre-Islamic, but we are not certain. Please email us, if you have information on this enigmatic piece,

Condition: Choice. Some ancient wear and patina attests to the old age.

Provenance: Udzon Frank Collection (a very old and important Private Scandinavian Collection).

Ancient Near East
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