Vintage Mouton Ladies/ Women's Fur Coat Fur Label Authority Label Item #300 - For Sale

Vintage Mouton Ladies/ Women's Fur Coat Fur Label Authority Label Item #300
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Vintage Mouton ladies / women's fur coat is
in Great Condition. No holes in pockets.
Brand Labels Peck's Kansas City. Fur Label
Authority Consumer Protection Label
Attached. Open Mouton Fur Coat- Means No
Buttons. No signs of buttons ever e

Size: Approx. Size Ladies M
Chest under arms: 20in.
Sleeve: 24in. from top of shoulder seam
down to the end of sleeve.
Cross-back measurement, shoulder to
shoulder: 16in.
Length: 25in.
Pocket: 5in. W

This label is required under Federal Trade
Commission laws for furs manufactured,
imported and sold in the USA. But there's a catch-
not all genuine fur coats have the Fur Label
Authority tag. It’s only on garments made after
1951 and only applies to furs of a certain dollar
value. If present, the FLA tag is supposed to be
attached in a visible yet permanent area of the
garment. It's usually found along a coat’s inside
lapel or underarm seam. But if a coat’s lining has
been replaced, the label may be covered over,
relocated or removed entirely. Plus, a faux fur
could be pawned off as real by someone sewing a
FLA label onto it to purposefully deceive. Because
of these inconsistencies, one can’t always depend
on the Fur Label Authority tag in every instance.
The term ‘mouton’ (pronounced MOO-tawn)
originates from the French word for mutton and in
the fur industry, refers to pelts from lambs or
sheep. Mouton is a high-grade lambskin that’s
specially processed to mimic the density and
radiance of sheared beaver or mink fur. The wool
fibers of a mouton pelt are straight, not curly.
Sheared to an even ½ inch depth, mouton is very
plush and has a soft, velvety feel. With its glowing
highlights and natural sheen, high quality mouton
can easily be mistaken for much more expensive
type of fur. It can be dyed in many shades, but
chocolate brown is the most commonly found
color. And while fur coats from wild species may
cost in the thousands, you can easily find a good,
pre-owned mouton fur garment for $75 to $200.

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