QING DYNASTY Famille Rose Porcelain Zun Vase - For Sale

QING DYNASTY Famille Rose Porcelain Zun Vase
Price: $6000.00
This is a late Qing Dynasty Famille rose Zun vessel.This vessel is also called a "deer head zun" because its shape resembles an inverted deer head.Its shape is full and dignified. The shoulder and stomach join smoothly and two pierced-carved Deer Head-shaped ears adorn either side of the vessel. The motif on the vessel displayed here landscape and deer.There are Close to 100 different deer here on this vase. Its pictorial skill is excellent and fine which has presented deer's static state and the running shape.The brushwork is fine and fluid,Its design is very classical.For display only, At the bottom is the red color seal of" Da Qing Xuan Tong Nian Zhi".
High: 15.55 inch/39.5cm

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