Absolutely Gorgeous Victorian Glass Banana Stand - For Sale

Absolutely Gorgeous Victorian Glass Banana Stand
Price: $125.00
A beautiful and impressive antique glass high standard banana stand. The Priscilla pattern was produced by Dalzell, Gilmore & Leighton, circa late 1880's; National Glass Co., circa 1899. Priscilla is also known as Alexis, Late Moon and Star, Stelle, and Sun and Star.

Size: appx. 9 1/2" diameter; appx. 9" high
Condition: on bottom edge of skirting - 2 large flakes/chips on front of two scallops - see 2nd to bottom pic and to see close-up pic click here ; 2 small flakes on front of two other scallops; small flake on back of one scallop; On Foot - 3 flakes/chips on inside edge of foot; 4 small flakes on top edge of foot
Original Manufacturers Flaws: annealing marks & bubbles

Another Fine Offering of Antique Glass Tableware from All Antique Glass - www.AllAntiqueGlass.com

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