Early Lowestoft “Hand Painted Oval tray and tea Bowl” - For Sale

Early Lowestoft “Hand Painted Oval tray and tea Bowl”
Price: $700.00
During the second half of the 18th century a factory in Crown Street produced soft-paste porcelain ware. Items still exist, and there are collections at the museum in Nicholas Everett Park, Oulton Broad, and at the Castle Museum, Norwich. The factory produced experimental wares in 1756 and first advertised their porcelain in 1760.Lowestoft collectors divide the factory's products into three distinct periods, Early Lowestoft circa 1756 to 1761, Middle-Period circa 1761 to 1768 and Late-Period circa 1768 to the closure of the factory in 1799.

During the early period wares decorated with Chinese-inspired scenes (Chinoiserie) in underglaze blue were produced. This type of decoration continued throughout the life of the factory but scenes were gradually simplified. Overglaze colors were used from about 1765.

Here we are offering a rare and early Early Lowestoft “Hand Painted Oval tray and tea Bowl” or marked, as many of these were not signed. Both of these works is beautifully painted with a Flora Design and raised work. The Tray measures 7.75 long and 6.75 inches wide and 1 inch deep. The Tea Bowl measures 3.25 inches diameter and 2 inches tall. Both items are in good condition with typical signs of light wear to both works.

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